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Erin Ayers

Erin is a Certified Hatha yoga teacher with a Bachelor of Environmental Geography and fifteen years of experience in the performing arts. She completed her Master of Business Administration at Queen's University and now works in marketing and product development at a wireless company. She keeps her life in balance by beginning each day with a Yoga session and reserving time for quiet meditation. Erin is happy to have the chance to share her personal Yoga practice with others through Namaste Yoga. Instagram

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Koralee Nickarz

In addition to being a yoga instructor, Koralee is also an accomplished actor, singer, songwriter and acting coach. Website

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Marion Landry

Originally from Montreal, Marion moved to Vancouver in 1999. She was drawn west by the lifestyle, the easy connection to the ocean and the mountains. It wasn’t long after her arrival in Vancouver that Marion discovered yoga. Yoga has now become a daily practice that Marion credits with helping her deal with stress and boosting her creativity. Marion is a gifted painter and actor. She also works as a 3D visual artist for a prominent Vancouver architecture firm.

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Evangeline Duy

In addition to being a yoga instructor, Evangeline is also a certified Pilates instructor and massage therapist. As a dedicated mom, she has designed a series of classes that include a unique blend of yoga, pilates and massage specifically to enhance vitality for the pre- and postnatal woman and her baby.

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Michelle Trantina

Michelle Trantina has been teaching hatha and pre-natal yoga since 2001. She is co-founder of MyYogaOnline.com, and produces/creates most of its video content and platforms. Her love of film and all things entrepreneurial merged with her passion for yoga and wellness with the inception of My Yoga in 2005.

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