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Welcome! We are thrilled that you have discovered our new website. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced yogi, it is our hope we can help you expand your yoga practice, both mentally and physically. If you are a newcomer to Namaste, you may not be aware that we have a line of DVDs available to help you begin or expand your yoga practice. With Namaste, you can experience what yoga at home should feel like: stunning visuals, soothing music, and entirely original movement sequences that will calm the mind, strengthen the body and inspire the soul.   Our sequences combine postures in ways not found in any other style of yoga. The emphasis is on flowing, graceful movements and gentle learning through repetition. At only 22 minutes long, the sequences are complete yoga practices that can work with even the most hectic schedules. For those days when you simply can’t get off the mat, the sequences can be combined in myriad ways to help you nurture your body and soul. For those that are familiar with the program, our brand new website will allow us to provide more resources for anyone looking to deepen their practice. Let’s talk about yoga! Thousands of you have lost weight, gained flexibility, strength and confidence as you’ve incorporated Namaste into your lifestyle. We also want to share a few words from Kate Potter, welcoming you to the new site:
Thank you for choosing to practice with Namaste. When the opportunity to work on Namaste came to me, I had been in the field of Yoga for many years and I had developed skills to help people find comfort in the body, mind, and heart. These skills are what I wanted to translate through the Namaste television series and DVDS. It is so fulfilling to hear your feedback on how you have grown stronger and more in touch with your innermost voice since you began Namaste. I wish I could have you all in my classes and retreats! Namaste is a wonderful way for us all to practice, learn and grow together. This new Namaste website will expand our offerings and ability to help you personalize your practice. I encourage you to practice daily, and keep in touch through our website and Facebook page. We always look forward to your questions and reflections.
Go on, explore the site! Namaste Yoga strives to go beyond ordinary workout DVDs to inspire you to reach all of your health and wellbeing goals -- both on and off the mat. We hope to expand those intentions here. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your input, as it will help guide the course of our new venture. Namaste.

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