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The Namaste Yoga Journey

There is so much we overlook as we rush through our lives. We rise in the morning, begin our routines, and go about our days in a continual race to complete our tasks. We lay a tired head on our pillow each night, already weighted with thoughts of what must be accomplished the next day.

With all of this continual focus on what’s ahead, how much of what already IS do we see? Are you in this moment, or are you planning the next one? Are you in a race… or on a journey?

Our journeys often produce the moments of self-realization and awakening that forever alter the course of our paths. When we become fully aware of ourselves, we discover hidden strengths and unique qualities. We notice our weaknesses, and can then choose how best to address (or accept!) them. We realize how our actions affect others, and through this can become more present in our daily interactions.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” ~ Lao Tzu

We invite you to go on a journey with us. Beginning with the New Year, explore the first 26 episodes of Namaste Yoga. From Exalted Warrior all the way to Riding the Wind sequence, each week we will feature a different episode from the series. We encourage you to practice along, explore the effects of the practice on your body and mind, and share your experiences with our community! Just like any other journey, we are certain there will be lessons to learn, treasures to collect, and memories to savor along the way.

We are excited to begin this adventure. We hope you will begin to prepare for your journey by ensuring you have all the tools you will need to practice with us. Be sure to check the blog regularly! We will have some great ideas for creating the right atmosphere to support your practice. For a limited time, we are offering free shipping when you buy the entire series of Namaste Yoga from our store.

We will begin our journey in January with Exalted Warrior, the first Namaste Yoga episode. Will you join us?

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