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Benefits of Yoga

If you’ve spent any time at all on the mat, you know that with continued practice, yoga will benefit both body and mind. A recent article published by Yahoo Sports, discussed the benefits of yoga for athletes. But improved balance, strength, flexibility, control of breath and mindful awareness are not solely for athletes or the incredibly fit. Yoga’s benefits are attainable by all who seek them. Most will find their health and overall well being improved when yoga is added to their lifestyle.

Particularly when endeavoring to learn a new sequence, or even a new pose, we see the ability yoga has to cleanse the mind and reduce stress. It takes focus, patience, and persistence to note the nuances of our bodies as we move them in new ways. Mental clutter melts away, leaving room for positive thoughts as we endeavor to move smoothly to the next pose, or hold that new pose just a moment longer!

The Yahoo Sports article explains how yoga can help to increase concentration. It takes focus to keep the breath full and even. The ability to direct thoughts and intent to the breath easily translates to other areas of life. Breathing techniques, such as breath body links that are learned on the mat, can be brought off the mat and used to control worries and tension, and bring about a greater ability to focus on the task at hand.

“Yoga exercises can help get rid of the negative energy within the body, which is released through the various poses,” the author of the article explains. She goes on to state that yoga furthers the mind-body connection and balances hormones in the body. This can improve mood, quality of life, and can even help relieve the symptoms of depression.

Do you feel the positive impact on your life off of the mat? We encourage you to keep Living Namaste!

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