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Giving Yoga

Never follow somebody else's path; it doesn't work the same way twice for anyone...the path follows you and rolls up behind you as you walk, forcing the next person to find their own way.”~ J. Michael Straczynski


As so many of us have come to realize, you cannot give one hundred percent if you are not at least that much yourself. The road to becoming your whole self is as unique as the person who chooses to go on the journey. The reality, and possibly the most exciting realization along the way, is that there is no finished product! Personal evolution is a continual and lifelong journey that only becomes more enriching with time.

Much of the time, the process occurs as we are involved in something else. We learn by doing. In those moments of trial and error, we receive gifts of knowledge about ourselves. Quite often, it takes a moment of introspection to notice the presence of the gift, another to reveal the contents. The uses of the gift could take a lifetime to fully explore!

Assimilation of the gifts life brings us can happen over time. Some of the best gifts in life are those that can be used, shared, savored, discovered and rediscovered over the course of a lifetime. Yoga is one such gift. When you give yourself yoga, you choose to take a journey of self-discovery. With repeated practice, you allow yourself the time to calm and quiet the mind; thus clearing the way for your greatest moments of restoration and self-realization.

Strive though we will to perfect ourselves, the gift you give yourself through yoga is not perfection. It is knowledge. It is knowing where you are strong, and where you are weak. It is acceptance of those unique facets of yourself that allows you to approach life from a place of no ego. When there is no ego, there is no judgment of yourself or others. Only an acknowledgement of being, seeing and discovering ourselves and each other without bias.

Truth comes from this place. Truth happens when we realize our breath is not even and we pause to allow the body to harmonize with its life force once more. Truth is knowing you may never fully attain crane balance, but that each time you attempt it, you give yourself the gift of hope and a belief in endless potential (possibly even miracles!) Truth is the recognition that savasana can be a frightening place, but that facing the fear of it is another gift and another chapter of your journey.

Every one of us is unique. No journey is the same, and the gifts we find along the way are equally varied. As we give ourselves yoga, we also find yoga is giving us the moments we need to restore, reflect and renew. Will you give yourself yoga today?

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