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Are There 22 Minutes for You? Making Time for Yoga

Deadlines are looming and the to-do list is endless. There are bills to be paid, calls to return, messages to reply to! The baby is crying. The kids need help with their homework, your partner needs your help with this one little thing that will only take a minute… EVERYTHING takes a minute and you need about 20 more of them to get to everything you need to accomplish today!

There may not even be time to shower. How can there possibly be time for yoga?!?

This is exactly why there must be time for yoga.

A fast-paced existence quickly turns frenetic, which in turn can make us frantic! You feel stress and panic that you will never get to the end of the list — or worse — you realize the list NEVER ENDS. It never ends! This realization can become a turning point. The list never ends, so you might as well put yourself on it!

A Namaste Yoga sequence takes 22 minutes. In those 22 minutes, you can clear your mind, compose yourself and prepare for whatever challenges you face. Perhaps those minutes cause you to realize that some things on your list are negotiable. What’s the point of organizing the closet today, if you are too stressed or tired to put things in their proper place in that closet every day thereafter?

An article published by the Mayo Clinic http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/fitness/HQ01217_D suggests ways to find time for fitness. They suggest waking up early, which is a perfect time of day for yoga! In the morning, the body is at its most refreshed and energetic state, but can feel stiff. Yoga is a wonderful way to move and stretch through all the tight muscles of the body and get mentally centered to approach your day.

“My hour is five AM,” says Kate Potter, “but everyone is different.”

Perhaps mid-day is the right time for your practice. After accomplishing a few tasks, treat yourself to those 22 minutes to move and refresh both mind and body. You might even find a friend to join you. The Mayo Clinic suggests that creating a regular routine and the camaraderie of a fitness partner or group may help you make the commitment and increase the overall positive benefits. Why not join the Namaste journey this new year?

Another suggestion from the Mayo Clinic is to be active during otherwise inactive times, such as watching television. If you have had a busy day and not yet found time to practice yoga, take a few minutes to tune into yourself with a breath body link. You may find that after a few Earth-Rain breath body links, you are inspired to do a full sequence.

An evening yoga practice can also be very beneficial. Working tension out of the muscles, clearing the mind and smoothing out the breath can be conducive to a good night’s sleep.

At first glance, it may seem impossible to find 22 minutes to Live Namaste. You may soon discover that in giving yourself that time, you create a more focused and balanced self that can tackle that to-do list with more clarity and proficiency than ever before. Take a good look at that calendar. Will you put yourself on it?

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