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Kate on Exalted Warrior

Kate Potter mapped out many of the Namaste Yoga sequences while in practice along the wilderness and waterways Northeast of Vancouver. She lives on her boat in the summertime, and would often row away to spend entire afternoons writing.

“I figured the sequences out while practicing on the rock bluffs and forest nooks in the beautiful Howe Sound,” Kate says. “Having this project to do, I would take off in my dinghy with a notebook and yoga mat, only returning to the big boat when I had recorded another three sequences.”

For Kate, the Exalted Warrior sequence is a celebration of strength. It is her expression of the beauty she experienced all around her in the environment of that natural setting. The movements and flow were stirred from the bond she experiences with the world.

“I was on a rock high above the glittering water below,” Kate recalls. “There was light dancing all around. I remember the fir trees and cedar, the hawks and eagles, kingfishers and hummingbirds all watching my performance.”

Nature is infused into the Namaste Yoga DVDs as much as possible. Kate feels that experiencing a relationship with the environment is important to the development and maintenance of the self.

“There is nothing like wind and sea air to make you feel strong and free. Boundless… and yet, completely connected to everything.”

How do you feel when you practice the Exalted Warrior sequence? Do you feel Kate’s connection with nature resonates here for you?

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