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Sun-Moon Sequence


As the brilliant energy of the sun rises, it must gently give way to the glowing radiance of the moon. This ebb and flow is the most elemental way of our world, and ourselves. All that we radiate out, we must realign and return to, in order to go forth and be ready to be radiant once more.

Such is the feeling in the Sun-Moon practice. “Remembering our perfection, just as we are, and still room for improvement,” Kate says.

There is both rejuvenating and calming energy to be found in the Sun-Moon Breath-Body Link. As arms reach up, a feeling of the round, shining vastness of the sun warms the inhaled breath. Upon exhale, the cool, calm energy of the moon is drawn to your center. The cycle of the breath becomes reminiscent of the passing of days, and your mind notices the speed of the passage of time, and also an ability to find eternity in a single moment.

Your arms reach into Warrior I, and as you look up and through them, you can imagine yourself as a funnel through which the sun’s energy can be poured into you. Breathe deeply. This movement stretches your chest, lungs and abdominal area. The shoulders, arms, back and legs are all strengthened in this pose.

“Feel the body as you exhale contract, now release as you inhale, lifting, opening,” Kate guides you in her ever calm and steady voice.

From the upward reach for the sun of Warrior I, you dip low into Monkey Pose. Setting to the ground gently, then lifting your chest and arms up and back. An equally strong, yet calmer, glowing feeling arises, reminiscent of the moon. Folding back into straight-legged hamstring stretch continues this grounding calm.

Soon, you will bring your leg straight up into Needle Pose. Feel again this radiant energy; but now it comes from your center and streams from your toes, your hands and your head. Beyond the extremities of your physical being, into infinity. The more you reach, the steadier your balance becomes. Your legs and arms stretch and strengthen every time you rise into this position.

The shift has been made. In Savasana, a radiant orb of energy from both the sun and the moon has been created at your center. Kate encourages you to “Feel your ground, feel your center. Bright and alert, really calm, awake.”

As you move through the rest of your day, carry with you the knowledge and necessity of both sun and moon. We are balanced by both. The change from day to night is necessary, as is personal growth and change.

“To trust in ourselves. To know that we can change for the better.”


What does the Sun-Moon practice bring to you? What changes do you feel that your yoga practice brings about in your life?


Heather Gregory is an avid Namaste yogini and has been practicing the sequences nearly every day for three years. Her favourite part of Namaste is the opportunity it affords  to find her calm, collected center and carry that forward through each day. We enlisted Heather to embark on the 26 -week journey and blog about each sequence.

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