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Kate Potter On Sun-Moon Sequence

In “Hatha”, “Ha” means “sun” and “tha” means “moon.” Hatha Yoga is one of the eight limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga. Its aim is to purify the body and discipline the mind, as well as unlock the practitioner’s latent energy for self-development. For Kate Potter, the Sun-Moon sequence embodies the very definition of Hatha Yoga.

“This was one of the very first sequences I made for the show,” Kate says. “The sequence really brings understanding to the way deepening into a pose becomes a way to express light and dark, ying and yang, contract and release.”

At this early point in her creative process, Kate had already realized that there would be a strong need for repetition in these sequences, as the viewer would not have access to a live instructor. In order to practice successfully, the yogi would need time to explore the process of entering and exiting each pose. The process of “deepening” into each pose allows the individual to find their best alignment and positioning, through focus and repetition. The Sun-Moon sequence brings every aspect of these oppositional forces into clear view.

“The sun and moon represent the two opposing forces of male and female, giving and receiving, hot and cold, fast and slow, bright and calm,” Kate says. “You need the repetition of the poses before you transition to build a good posture flow sequence.”

How does practicing the Sun-Moon sequence make you feel? Does Kate’s focus on deepening into each posture help you better execute each pose?

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