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Kate On Gate Opening Sequence

The Gate Opening sequence brings Namaste Yoga in a whole different direction: the side angle. For Kate Potter, this was a very exciting moment in creating the Namaste Yoga sequences. A new perspective on the “dynamic flow” was born.

“In what would otherwise be the direction of cats, dogs and sunbirds, with the head always straight forward, suddenly the chest is open to the side and to the sky!” Kate said with excitement. “I love how, with breath as the guide, there is a seamless shift, without losing balance or beat.”

This new dimension also ties into the mental aspects of this practice. For Kate, it is a reminder to stay open to learning and all opportunities.

“Can you imagine, every time an opportunity for learning was there, you opened that gate?” Kate asks. “If every experience, the good, the bad and the scary was a gate to open?”

Kate advises caution be used when going into and out of the Gate position. Mindful knee placement is very important, as damage can so easily be done.

“If this pose is improperly done, the knee can be at a difficult angle and produce tension on the structure of this fine joint,” Kate cautions. “Otherwise, if you stay well lifted in the chest and careful with the placement of the arms, it is a great posture.”

What is your experience with the Gate Opening Sequence? How does the side angle change your perspective? Does the practice help you to see new opportunities for learning?

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