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Sadhana: The first month of your journey

Sadhana is proving to be an enlightening journey for the Namaste Yoga community! We love to hear from everyone who is participating in this opportunity to dig in and explore each sequence of Namaste Yoga. And we’ve been so touched by all the feedback that we wanted to share some of this month’s greatest moments with you.

Your Sadhana Reflections

Thank you for participating, and sharing your thoughts with us. When we embarked on the very first sequence, Exalted Warrior, we could see right away that people were discovering and rediscovering the beauty and benefits of having a Namaste Yoga practice.

"I like this," says Delmy. "I am working on the power of assumption. No more assuming bad things, just good things!"

It didn't take long for everyone to start tailoring the practice to their needs and letting their Sadhana "grow organically," as Gretchen stated so simply. Everyone seems to be discovering new things! From Donna’s discovery of the "cobwebs on the ceiling and in [her] neck," to Anneka’s powerful realization that "yes I *can* do this pose!"  The whole community seems to be coming alive and finding brilliant realizations in the process.

"I love the place in the practice when you reach back with the back hand, and it runs down from the back of your head all the way to your quad," says Maria. "It feels smooth but strong, like mercury."

"Exalted Warrior gives me that extra boost of confidence, of pride, of strength," says Katty. "I love its flow and I feel the warrior in me reaching out to the surface. At times we all need to take life by the horns."

We learned that repeated practice of the sequences brought newfound appreciation for some who didn't start out loving a particular sequence. "Admittedly, Sun-Moon has never been on my favorite list, until I started this week's practice," shares Sharon. "I now look forward to the sequence."

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Sadhana so far are the "Ah-ha Moments. "I 'got' it today," Sharon shared about her experience. "I love Sadhana, it's testing my patience!"

"I'm looking forward to going through the whole series again," said Amy. "What a great idea to do it as a community!"

We have to agree. One of our favorite parts is seeing happiness shared by all. "I really like the pace of this sequence and for some reason can't help but smile during the archer pose," writes Scott.

Keep sharing!

We hope to hear from you during your Sadhana. And, if connecting with the community isn’t incentive enough, don’t forget about our monthly gifts! Everyone who participates in Sadhana by sharing their reflections on our Facebook wall is entered into our monthly draws.

Keep smiling! Keep Sharing! There are more than 20 episodes left to explore. Namaste.

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