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Revealing Inner Light With Dancing Sun Sequence

A ray of light dances in a dewdrop, creating a glowing ball at its center. The little drop of water is transformed into a prism, reflecting and radiating that one ray out into a million streams of brilliant energy in every direction of space. The power of the original, singular ray is multiplied and thus able to energize thousands more.

Such is the way of the Dancing Sun Sequence. Open your heart and clear your mind with the heart-opening breath body link. Allow the practice to fill you with energy. With every inhale, breathe in calm and stretch your arms outward to make space for new energy. Every exhale is a chance to accept restorative energy as your arms bring your hands back to prayer position.

Today we find the sun source within. Moving into Warrior II feels smooth and easy. Your arms make a straight, horizontal line across your body. Lift your chest and accept the confidence of the posture.

Moving into Lateral Angle now feels reminiscent of the setting sun. Arms making a calm, even descent first to rest on the thigh of your bent leg, and soon your hand will rest on the floor. Energy is made in this moment. Be calm and steady. Keeping your spine straight and your chest lifted makes room at your center for more… more breath, more light!

Your raised arm circles while in Lateral Angle and in this graceful round, your bent leg straightens and brings you to Triangle pose. As though you’ve become the sun, made an entire revolution and found yourself back at the beginning; now straighter and stronger! Keeping your chest lifted through the posture increases exuberance of this moment.

Soon you are settling into Head-to-Knee pose: a moment to rest and restore the energy to your center. Your hamstrings feel a beautiful stretch. You may have to adjust and draw your back leg in a bit; it’s easy to over do it here! Take care in this moment and give in to the quiet comfort of this pose.

When you give in, you’ll feel the energy rising into your center and you can gratefully ascend into Warrior I. Beaming and radiant, you have found your sun source! Drop your shoulders, lift your chest, stretch your arms! Here you are! Brilliant, strong and beautiful.

Time for a well-deserved savasana and a brilliant day ahead. Kate has guided you calmly and carefully to a place of great energy and confidence. “As if to say, ‘I’m ready now,’ and the readiness is what matters,” she says.

Accept in your soul the notion that preparation and restoration allows you to go forth and shine brightly through any moment. Can you feel it?


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Heather Gregory is an avid Namaste yogini and has been practicing the sequences nearly every day for three years. We enlisted Heather to embark on Sadhana, our 26 -week journey, and blog about each sequence.

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