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Dancing Sun Walks on Water

Designing yoga sequences that strengthen the body and mind is second nature to Kate, who through her life's practice and years of teaching has amassed an incredible wealth of knowledge about the workings of the human form. Combined with uncanny intuition and creative expertise, Kate is able to create yoga sequences that enrich and delight all who choose to practice them.

"Putting the postures together for the Dancing Sun sequence was a real treat... like learning to tie a proper knot," Kate says. "One pose lends itself to the next, this piece wrote itself!"

A revelation did occur for Kate when she was designing the sequence: the process of "deepening". This unique method helps to learn the posture as you come in and out of its expression.

In Lateral Angle posture, "it gives the feeling that the arms and torso have amazing possibility with curve," Kate says. "In the static form of this pose, neither the angle of the arm nor the body has any curve in its shape. By deepening, one learns the opposite; the feel of wavy, and then, its opposite: straight."

In this way, Kate brings buoyancy to her sequences that is not found anywhere else. Her time in yoga on her boat taught her to resist the urge to be stiff in a pose, but instead to allow her posture to move with the motion of the water whose surface she was floating on.

Kate says. "Waves underneath the boat and changing tides cause constant motion," Kate says. "If the muscles of the body grip against this action, all balance is lost."

This experience gives Kate an incredibly original perspective on the practice of yoga – and it shows in her observations of how her students move through a posture flow.

"Quite often, I see people perform poses where the instruction is to have a straight arm or leg," Kate explains. "They have no idea they are actually in a micro-bend. This disallows the energy from moving like a shot through the joint. Deepening into a pose teaches the difference. If you do this over and over, the animation of the body becomes vivid, vast and free, while completely within one's gentle control. It drives one back to the mat after a day of not moving at all, that is for sure!"

Kate's wisdom comes through once again, as it does so often at the end of every one of her sequences, in these closing words.

"To be alive in the body is to be alive in the world."



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