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The Luminous Calm of Half Moon sequence

You’ve heard of the Man in the Moon, have you ever seen the lady that rests in the cooling arc of his crescent? He provides a calm, quiet, stable place to rest; and she receives all of his gifts and is made ever more luminous as she basks in the gentle glow of his light. The strength, balance and sensuality of this relationship are hypnotizing.

This feeling is embodied in the Half Moon Sequence. From the moment Tim McCauley’s “Awakening” begins to play, you are drawn away from the realities of everyday and into a magical realm where the luminescent blue glow of a moonlit evening calms the mind and lights your path with a romantically appealing beam of gentle guidance.

A simple spinal twist feels incredibly graceful, side bending feels deeper and decadent. Boat pose seems so stable. You notice your fingers gliding over the softly textured surface of your mat and as you lift into a downward dog. There is a realization of the gift you are about to bestow on your very essence. This practice will delight every nuance of your being.

“Feeling the whole body, breathing the whole body, letting go,” Kate says.

She is right. You are about to do just that.

The Shape of Serenity

In the Sun-Moon breath body link, you begin to naturally place the emphasis and the mind on the cool calm of the exhalation: drawing that energy down and into your heart and mind. Reach up on the inhale, feeling the delicious roundness, and draw down again the peace and serenity that lies in this practice.

Warrior I feels different in this sequence. Your mind notices the arc that is formed by the extended back leg, the gentle curve of the spine that flows through the top of the head and uplifted arms. You are absorbed fully in this ethereal moment, and you find that you are a bit deeper into this pose than usual. There is still power in the legs and lift in the chest, but it is balanced by grace and length in the body from the heel to the tip of your tallest finger.

Slide easily into Warrior II. “Your eyes see the middle finger of your hand, but you can feel all the way around the body,” Kate says.

Your senses are heightened. Lowering into Lateral angle is smooth and fluid as water gliding gently to the earth in the moonlight. You gather your strength here and the balance of your foot creates strength in your ankle and leg. Your arm rotates a full, celestial round and carries you forward into the Half Moon pose.

“Feel both feet reaching out and both hands reaching away,” Kate says.

You are luminous in this pose. Exhale and savor Needle position, one leg gently raised skyward as your head sinks ever closer to the earth. Your arms and hands are poised for balance, yet relaxing at the ground, as your head and leg are the counterpoints in this graceful moment.

Savasana is more peaceful than ever. Every movement is enhanced; every sense is awakened and glowing. The gesture of no fear calls to mind the giving and receiving relationship of male and female. Your mind and body have melded in this practice. They will go forward through your day in harmonic unity.

Kate’s words seal the union, “Gathering the mind and the heart to feel the depth of our lives.”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Heather Gregory is an avid Namaste yogini and has been practicing the sequences nearly every day for three years. We enlisted Heather to embark on Sadhana, our 26 -week journey, and blog about each sequence. You can contact her at heather@namaste.tv

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