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Kate Rediscovers the Healing, Grounding Calm of The Earth Sequence

Can you feel the expansive swing of the Half Moon sequence as you move through the postures?

The Earth sequence has long been a favorite of Kate Potter's. In recent months, she has gained a new appreciation for this particular posture flow. Kate's Sadhana began in illness, and she is now progressing on the path to recovery. This journey has given Kate a new appreciation for the Earth Sequence's ability to gently stretch tight muscles and strengthen the core. It has also created an opportunity to learn how to rehabilitate the body after it has suffered an illness or trauma.

"A play between solid and liquid," Kate explains. "I think everybody can benefit from this sequence. It is so helpful for me to know what so many out there must feel. Stiff is sore and sore is stiff, but it feels so good to try!"

Kate does caution that pregnant women in particular should take care with the sequence and those who are very stiff or injured should use caution and consider using blocks placed between the legs as a "kneeling bench." It may also be wise to avoid locust pose. Beyond that, Kate thinks practitioners will benefit greatly from the pacing of Earth.

"Slower breathing means slower movement," Kate says. "Carry the breath out and soften into the relative pace of it. Imagine doing it all on your own, as I did in creating it. You too will find your own rhythm, your own sweep of breath to lengthen out on."

Kate highly endorses the relaxation and savasana portion of the Earth sequence as well.

"This piece reminds me to go there, to that place I know well, to the place where we can let go. All the way to the center of our forgiving hearts, let go and take rest. The results of this release are instantaneous and endless."

The embracing release. The grounding energy. The smooth, slow rhythm of the breath. What is your favourite part of the Earth sequence?


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