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March Giveaway: Tea from DavidsTea

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Our monthly gift giveaways are an exciting part of Sadhana, the Namaste Yoga journey! The winner is chosen at random and announced at the beginning of the following month. Join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, where we announce opportunities to enter the monthly draw.

Our March 2012 giveaway is from one of our favourite tea stores, DavidsTea. The generous gift bag from DavidsTea includes:


Why tea?

We’ve always considered tea and yoga to be a perfect match. Both bring friends together, cultivate mindfulness, and encourage people to make positive lifestyle changes. We’ve heard the story so many times – one day you’re doing yoga and then the next thing you know you’re eating healthier, buying sustainable products, spending more time with your family, and volunteering in your community. We think tea is similarly transformational. When people do one good thing for themselves – drinking tea or practicing yoga or (preferably!) both – they find themselves wanting to give more of themselves to others and the community. So join us on the mat, and then make yourself a cup of tea, courtesy of DavidsTea!

How to enter the March giveaway

To participate in our monthly giveaway, join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, where we announce opportunities to enter the contest. Every Saturday we ask for your reflections on your Sadhana that week, and every comment receives an entry in the monthly draw. We may also have other opportunities to enter throughout the week, but we like to keep some surprises up our sleeves! Have questions? You can leave a comment here, tweet us @namastetv, ask us on our Facebook wall, or e-mail us at info@namaste.tv

From DavidsTea:

At DAVIDsTEA, we love bringing you the greatest loose-leaf teas and ingredients from around the world. Our teas range from traditional straight teas to our exclusive blends and unique flavours. Our ongoing quest for the highest quality and most innovative blends doesn’t stop with tea leaves—we seek out the best spices, fruits, nuts, and herbs from every corner of the world. Our teas are fun, but our dedication is serious! Read more.


We put a lot of thought into selecting gifts that we think will contribute to your Sadhana journey. If you have feedback, or an idea for a perfect Sadhana gift, we would love to hear from you! You can leave a comment here, tweet us @namastetv, ask us on our Facebook wall, or e-mail us at info@namaste.tv

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