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Sadhana Continues to Enhance Your Practice

Congratulations to our Sadhana participants! February marked the second month of your journey, and the completion of the first disk of Season One! We've gained many new companions, and are thrilled with your effort, enthusiasm and questions! Friendships continue to form, and the principals of balance, kindness and acceptance are illustrated in the posts we are thankful to find on our Facebook wall. Keep up the excellent effort!

February revealed several themes in the Namaste Yoga Sadhana:

            • Happiness
            • Discovery
            • Growth

Just as our February contest winner, Teri, was excited to explore Dancing Sun, we're excited to hear about your discoveries in Sadhana, and how Namaste Yoga impacts your life, on and off the mat. As Teri said "... let's go!"


Namaste Yoga is a wonderful companion to other sports and activities. As Kerry enthusiastically shared: "what a great stretch/release after a long run!" Linda likes that her "go to" sequence is "great after a long cardio session to stretch out what needs to be stretched out, and calm the mind."

Sharon says, "Gate Opening is my guilty pleasure!" Don't feel guilty, be happy, Sharon! We imagine you're able to "reflect positivity" after your favorite sequence, just as Nicole N. does.

Realizing the progress you've made with a sequence can have some happy effects also. "Half Moon pose was always my biggest balance challenge when I first started out," Denise shares. "I have it now, but I will never forget the work it took."

Realizing you've found a practice you want to dedicate yourself to can be equally thrilling. "This is the most committed I've ever been to anything ever," Cassie exclaims. "I can't wait to leave work at the end of the day to come home and practice!! It makes me happy!"


You're having so many realizations with your practice! Sandra's affirming her joy "I definitely love yoga!" Alejandra is finding the benefit of exploring one sequence over the course of a week. "I never thought that I could learn so much about every asana," she says. "I feel that repeating the sequence, we learn more about it."

Sadhana has also brought you new insights. "While I can get seduced by the more fancy balance or warrior poses, just focusing on this Earth sequence felt really good," Simon said. Julie is adding new challenges. "I like to add a Half Moon pose in before moving into the last Warrior I pose. 'It's about the readiness...’” For Jodi, it's the realization that "being grounded and centered is what gets me through my day."

Newly minted Namaste Yogis like Luke are thrilled to find a practice well suited to their needs. "This yoga method is fantastic," he exclaims. "The flowing movement and relaxed rhythm are just what I was looking for."

Donna's yoga practice is expanding beyond the mat as she develops "amazing relationships with friends and acquaintances." Mark is creating a whole new lifestyle, and we are honored to say Namaste Yoga having an impact on his efforts! "The awareness of my body and what it means to me increases with every daily practice."


Your practices are growing as you learn to modify poses. A small change like using props or adjusting the width of your stance can make a big difference! We've also discussed the breath in relation to the flow through the postures. Every body is different, so it is natural for your breath to follow your own, unique rhythm.

Acceptance and patience are growing. Just as one person is different from another, energy levels and ability varies from day-to-day also. "This sequence is still a work in progress," Kylie says. "Some days are better than others." Nicole H.'s Sadhana is expanding her ability to trust herself. "Even when I am mentally unsure, my body takes it to exactly the perfect spot; not too far, but far enough!"

As always, our community is supporting one another. This spirit of acceptance, cooperation and camaraderie makes the journey that much richer. "Anyone just starting?" Jay asked, and found some companions to begin Sadhana with.

Shall we journey forward? We are very happy to continue on this path with you, and we hope that March will be as rewarding as February.



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