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Sadhana Reveals New Facets of Yourself, and Your Practice!

As we have continued our journey into the second disk of Season One, Sadhana participants are gaining calm, confidence and clarity! New community members begin their Sadhana's weekly; so remember that it is never too late to begin yours. All that is required is to explore and practice one new sequence every week. Post your thoughts on each practice on our Facebook wall to be entered in that month's prize giveaway! This month, our prize is a sumptuous gift basket from Fresh Little Farm Girl

The sequences continue to challenge and thrill our Sadhana participants. Sometimes our greatest personal reflections come in moments when we are most challenged. Necessity is the mother of invention, and in our earnest desire to move through each sequence with improved fluidity and strength, the finer qualities of courage, resolve and perspective can reveal themselves to us in new ways.


It takes courage to embark on a new journey. A willingness to explore your own boundaries, and a hope of expanding beyond the previous locations of those boundaries! The best way to travel is almost always with a companion. Many of you are finding companionship in other Sadhana participants on our Facebook wall, and some are sharing their practice with friends and family.

Cassie posted, "Even if the postures are difficult, I still look forward to it every day! I have a co-worker who is now going to try it! I love the fact that I'm inspiring her to try!" We love that your enthusiasm is reaching far beyond your mat Cassie! Keep up the great work! We're thankful that Nicole draws strength and courage from the community, and returns it tenfold. "Know that I am working right along side you, so don't give up, and together we can conquer it!"

Courage comes in success, and success is also found in what we normally refer to as "failure." Courage comes when you realize that even a fall is not a fail in yoga! Heather M. says, "Crane requires courage! Courage to leave the nest, so to speak, and be OK with falling on my face! But the feeling of lightness when you do find that sweet spot of balance is indescribable." Courage is accepting that the fall might just be your expression of that pose for a very long time to come. "Am I going to master the crane balance?" Sharon asks and replies with "Well, maybe... someday."


"I will master rolling back up, I will master rolling back up," declares Diana of one of the sequences. "A challenger and a work in progress, but what is life without challenges?" Absolutely! Resolve teaches you to gain appreciation for things that appear on the surface to be difficult. Return again and again to that pose that perplexes you, and you will inevitably find some nuance or detail that is completely fascinating! "I keep circling back to it," says Heather L. of her challenging pose. "I will achieve enjoyment of it."

Resolve sometimes means developing an appreciation for your own needs and abilities, and being able to honor that, while not letting go of your original intentions. "I plan on going back once more to the beginning lessons, to start over and will be careful with my technique," John says. "It's always reassuring to know that someone will always offer suggestions when I have some difficulties."

Of course, resolve often means that with time, patience, practice (and breath!) you will achieve the vision of success you have imagined for yourself. "It took awhile before I was efficient at it," says Glen of the Crane Balance, "but now it's a 'must do' pose." Sharon takes a philosophical approach, "You think to yourself, 'how am I ever going to get this?' And then you do... it's a challenge to yourself!" You resolve to focus and attain the posture, and in those moments of concentration, your mentality can change. "It takes me to a place where I can relax and meditate," Ceilo says.


With enCOURAGEment and resolve, new perspective can be gained right along with new poses. Commitment to your usual perspective can be renewed, and the world looks a little brighter and more manageable after yoga practice! "I am a newborn to Namaste Yoga and discovering new muscles as I go along," Michelle proclaims, "and feeling so calm after." Amy shares "When my mind wanders I am more likely to lose balance."

William gave us beautiful perspective this month on beginning your day with yoga. "I do this before dawn," he explains. "I can feel the stretch shaking the last bit of sleep from my body. But, by far, the best part of it is coming up and filling up with air with arms outstretched held high. That is a wonderful feeling to greet the new with." Yes indeed!

A humorous perspective is always a welcome one. "With Head to Knee I usually find that I need to shave my lower legs." Well, Rena, sometimes that is valuable perspective too! We imagine pregnant yogis must have a great perspective, as Elizabeth shared that at 22 weeks; she is still enjoying her favorite pose, Crane Balance! Maintaining that perspective through pregnancy and the journey of motherhood will be a tremendous benefit to the entire family, as Nicole illustrated when she said "It is such a fun moment, my boys love to do the WHOLE sequence with me, love sharing it with them!"

Isn't a joyous perspective one of the most pleasant? As we are reminded of all the generations that will follow ours, and this provides enCOURAGEment to strengthen our resolve, improve our perspective and be examples of kindness, balance, grace and determination.

Thank you for all you have brought to Sadhana. Let's continue, shall we? Keep sharing!



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