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Down Dog IS for Dads? Definitely!

The Lotus Links series grew out of our efforts to share inspiring tidbits and useful information to help your yoga practice blossom. Find out what we’ve discovered for you in today’s edition.

Does anyone recall that the first yogis were men? We're not sure why some people seem to think it's strange a man would want to do yoga. Do men not need to relax and find ways to stay calm and centered too? Do they not strive to build strength and maintain and improve their flexibility?

Father's Day is just a few days away. If you're still searching for a gift, maybe you can spend time in yoga practice with your dad. Sharing an inspiring sequence can create wonderful bonding moments and memories! If you don't believe us, watch this video from a yogini who teaches, and practices with, her dad.

If your family is a little younger, you may find your practice getting overrun by the pitter patter of little feet, and the stillness of your mind shattered by laughter or arguments over possession of toys and other belongings. Finding peace amidst the stir and swirl of an active family is simply Living Namaste, off the mat! Consider uniting your family and your practice on Father's Day. Treat yourself to relaxation, and include the kids! We think they will love to try the Namaste Yoga Water Light sequence.

You can even find ways to stay physically connected to your little ones while you practice. Check out this clip from a Daddy and Me yoga class for inspiration:

Try including your kids in your yoga. You'll be setting them up for a lifetime of improved health and vitality, and they won't be asking you to get them a drink or snack in the middle of your vinyasa!

Even the youngest of yogis can participate in your practice, as seen in this clip.

This is the Father's Day gift you give yourself. Relax, enjoy your day, and don't worry if you aren't focused enough while practicing with the little ones to master that challenging pose. Observe where you are at this moment, enjoy the breath and follow the path of the little ones whose lives you shape every day. Thank you for all you do, Dads! 


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