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Lots and Lots of Lotus Links!

The Lotus Links series grew out of our efforts to share inspiring tidbits and useful information to help your yoga practice blossom. Find out what we’ve discovered for you in today’s edition.

There's so much to love in Lotus Link Land this month! From super summer snacks and salads to appreciable apps, we've scoured the web to bring you as many ways to inspire as perspire! Read on for more ways to be healthier, happier and more fit.

The Student is the Teacher (and Vice Versa!)

How does the saying go? When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Watch this amazing video of how a determined veteran finds his teacher, and uses yoga to heal his body and walk again.

It takes dedication, and for some, the love of yoga creates the dedication! Here is yoga newcomer who challenged herself to practice for 40 days... and just celebrated her 400th day of practice! We're betting that she sneaks asanas into her office, do you? You might become more productive, as this company is discovering!

Stay Healthy, Stylish, and Fun!

Hot temps make refreshingly cool drinks an absolute must! Smoothies are great for all ages, and you can change them up to suit your nutritional needs and flavor preferences. Of course, yogis do not live on liquids alone, so enjoy fresh summer recipes like these all season long.

Summer brings with it lots of fun amusements, but it may not be so thrilling if you are already riding an emotional roller coaster Finding Optimism has a free, mood tracking app that helps you pinpoint stressors and create a strategic plan for enhancing your mindset. Brightening up your closet may help lift your spirits too! Check out Poshmark where you can check out what's in other people's closets, share the contents of yours, and even buy and sell looks you love!

Furry Friend Yoga

... And we do mean your four legged friends (sheesh, is a shave in order???)

Cat rolling was aptly named, as this cat runs through an exhilaratingly funny asana. Dogs seem to be a little less independent in their practice, enjoying instruction with their two-legged companions story OH(M!) We cannot end our June Lotus Links without introducing you to Yoga Bear!

Stay summer sunny!



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