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"I need a moment please!" If you have ever found yourself expressing this sentiment, our Meditation Moments Series is here to do exactly that. Whether you need a guided way to begin your day, to decompress after having experienced a stressful situation, or a gentle way to transition from waking to rest, allow us to assist with a moment of peaceful tranquility and inspiring thoughts to ponder. Namaste 

Balance of Light and Dark

So often we look at darkness with fear. We choose to place ourselves in the light because there is clarity; nothing is obscured from our senses. There are no mysteries, all is revealed. And yet, there is darkness in our world. As inevitable as the turning tides and the arrival of every evening, darkness touches us all. We need it to; for without darkness, there is no true rest, no quiet place for the mind to travel, unencumbered by the details revealed with the light of every sunrise. In the darkness lies the challenge and the possibilities. It is in the darkness that we dare to dream.

Bring this mentality of light and dark with you as you journey through our Meditation Moment. In the light exists all the poses and life practices you are so familiar with. You know them, are warmed by them, thrive on them! Yet in the dark... is the unknown... the dark is the place where the challenges and possibilities are endless. You approach them with the light of knowledge and experience, but add to that the potential that lies in the unknown, without any fear or expectation of the results.

This is the essence of Namaste Yoga: the balance of opposites. One is not better or worse than the other. They are halves of the whole. To be strong and flexible, you must have both. We call you to mediate for a moment with our Gesture of No Fear: left hand, palm upturned, right hand raised and facing out to the world. The left hand is giving; the right is receiving. Heed the call to "give and receive equally, in harmony with the universe," and remember to Live Namaste, every day! Be balanced and whole, on and off the mat. Let us know what you gain from your Meditation Moment. Can you cast aside any fear in the darkness of the unknown, and embrace endless possibility?



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