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Intentions: Insight Into Our Ultimate Path

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What first comes to mind when you hear the word "intention"? Where does an intention come from? What purpose does it serve? We encourage you to explore the world of intentions with us this month, and over the course of the year, investigate how your intentions guide the course of your actions.

By definition, intention is an aim or a plan. If someone says, "you had good intentions," they know your actions came from a positive, well-meaning place. It could be said, that intention is the seed of action. Like any seed, intentions need the right set of circumstances to allow them to grow into actions. 

What causes the seeds of intention to form?

The stimulus for our intentions varies over the course of our lives. The intent to be positive and contribute goodness to the world is likely instilled in us from birth. We raise our children to be caretakers of the earth, themselves, and each other. As those basic intentions take root, the child grows in mind and body. Over the course of that evolution, many other intentions are formed, but all stem from the first basic mentalities instilled in us at the beginnings of our lives.

What purpose does it serve?

Our intentions are the guiding principles from which we direct the course of our lives. They form the core of our actions, the framework that our personalities are centered within. Our actions stem from our intentions: they guide our purpose. When intention is lost, behavior can become erratic and even pointless.

If intention is the inner voice that whispers our direction, yoga and meditation can provide the means through which we can listen for our true intentions. When the direction seems unclear, it is essential to stop, tune into our intentions and allow that to be a guide in your path. January is the perfect month to evaluate your intentions! Just as a tree sheds it's leaves every fall to prepare for the journey of sparseness that is winter, we are presented with the opportunity of a new year and inspired to pare down, refocus, and begin again.

This is the month to explore intentions. What will your intentions be this day, this week, this month? Will you live true to your intentions all year, and if you lose focus, how do you return to your original intent and continue on?

We encourage you to join us in this journey. Reflect on your intentions. Define them, refine them, and share with us in the comments below, onFacebookor even in aTweet.



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