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Shaping Your Actions with Intentions and Goals

Intention often feels as though it is this hazy, largely undefined formation of thoughts and principles. It guides our lives, informs our purpose, and yet, they is not clear or specific. It seems to float, like a puffy white cloud, somewhere in the region of thethird eye. Intention, like intuition, can be enigmatic. It takes mindful attention to focus in and define what our intentions truly are.

However, without our full awareness, intention still works to stir action in each one of us! As our intentions gain weight and definition, they combine and condense within their cloud to create purpose. Purpose has a more defined shape than intention. It gives the self a more guided direction. We know what we are about! Purpose is meaning, and when you have purpose, you gain the desire to live in harmony with that. When your cloud of intention becomes heavy with purpose, the urge to move in that direction becomes difficult to set aside.

Very much like a stratus cloud, when a cloud of intention becomes heavy with purpose, it rains. The intention cloud, however, rains goals. A goal-shower can be overwhelming! They can also be incredibly exciting. A goal-shower has the ability to cleanse away mental clutter and call you to focus on your intentions and your purpose. All the extra "stuff" falls away, the direction becomes clear, and you know exactly what you are after.

Have you ever experienced a “goal-shower”?

A goal-shower can be triggered by events in your life that help to solidify your purpose or give you a new direction. For a vata dosha, the feeling is often as though an entirely new sky has been opened to you and you are flying from one thing to the next, continuously coming up with a new goal that you want to achieve before you’ve even had a chance to write down the previous one. This experience can be frustrating because you feel there are so many new things you need to do, but you do not have the grounded energy to work out a plan of attack.

If you are a pitta dosha, a goal-shower can be an amazing experience. Since you excel at creating the plan of attack that the vata dosha has difficulty with, you will likely find it easy to work out a system for achieving all of the new goals that you want to achieve.


For kapha doshas, goal-showers often need a bit more encouragement. Because kapha energy tends to be more slow-moving and grounded, if you feel a potential shift in your life’s purpose and want to stimulate the goal-shower, try a pitta-stimulating practice such as the Fire Fan sequence, or the air and space breath body links to stimulate vata. Once the new goals become clear to you, you can approach them with your typical grounded, solid energy. But setting milestones for yourself can help to ensure that you do not get stuck along the way!

How to make the most of your goal-showers

  • Acknowledge and commit to the goals. When you have new ideas of what you want to accomplish floating around in your head, it can be very helpful to sit down and write them out. Making a commitment to accomplish them creates motivation, and inspiration. Motivation helps you accomplish your goals, while inspiration floats back up to that cloud of intention, to begin the cycle all over again. 
  • Be okay with not pursuing everything. Sometimes when we feel a new direction or purpose in life, we get so wrapped up with all the possibilities that we end up taking on too much and burning out. Make sure that you are careful about which goals you want to achieve. Avoid setting so many goals that you set yourself up to not achieve any of them.

  • Create milestones within your goals. Especially if your goal seems overwhelming or particularly challenging, break it into smaller steps and focus on accomplishing your goal one piece at a time. Note your progress along the way, to keep you motivated and eager to accomplish that next milestone.

  • Celebrate! Always be kind to yourself. The best way to honour your intentions is to find a way to reward yourself or celebrate your successes. Even if it is just taking a moment to survey your accomplishments to this point, you deserve to take satisfaction in your effort. It is also good to give pause to fully process the learning experiences that you have likely gained along the way as well. 

As you can see, intention and goals are very different things. Intention is undefined, goals are more specific. Intentions give our lives direction, goals direct our lives. We must live true to our intentions, while not becoming slaves to our goals. As we work towards accomplishing goals, we gain knowledge and experience. This too feeds our intentions, and may serve to change our goals. Flexibility is imperative! Make a commitment to stay focused and centered in your intentions, and continue to reach towards those goals.



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