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Bringing Romance to Your Practice

What emotions do you bring with you to your yoga mat? What feelings are conjured up as you move through your practice? There is a romantic quality to yoga, particularly when moving through a dynamic flow such as the sequences of theNamaste Yogaseries. When you invite romance to come along with you to your mat, you can enhance it's presence in your sequence, and thus, in yourself. 

With regular practice, yoga helps to bring balance to all aspects of life. It reveals your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to assess without passing judgment on the qualities that comprise you. When you come to the mat with the intent of loving all of the elements that you contain, you can begin to create goals of acceptance and love of self. When you accept what you are and love who you are, it is much easier to see your true path. This is also a strengthening exercise. The muscle you are choosing to focus on is the heart. By learning to love yourself, you become a self-sustaining entity. This makes it much easier to accept the love others give you without expectations for more than they have to offer, because you are developing an awareness of your own wholeness, exactly as you are.

Love is in the details

How do you bring love into your practice? With mindful attention and intent to love! Unroll your mat. Take a full, complete breath before you ever step on your magic carpet, and smile as you exhale. Hear the words, "I am going to love this practice." You are preparing to do exactly that.

Bringing romance to your practice begins with the feelings you choose to welcome with you on your journey, and your conscious effort to tune into the fluidity of your movements. Here are some tips to springboard your process.

  • Treat each breath as a remarkable gift, and do not rush a one
  • Regard the grace of your body 
  • Savor the feel of every delicious stretch 
  • Lengthen in every moment 
  • Continue the feeling of expansion
  • Smile in every possible way

Invite romance into your practice, and you will feel the love in no time.



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