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Romantic Yoga Filters Our Lens on the World

Bringing a romantic perspective to your yoga practice creates an opportunity for a lesson in self-appreciation. It is a moment to notice, savor and appreciate all that you are and all you can do. Practicing a romantic perspective on your yoga mat can help form intentions of developing habits that are loving and kind to your body, mind and spirit.

When you feel whole and content, your energy fills you and expands beyond the borders of the self; warming the lives and energies around you as it radiates from your well-tended spirit. Imagine: you have the ability to make your whole world a more romantic place! What's not to love?

Consider this a challenge, and a challenge pose: find something to love every day. Our Namaste Instructor Amanda took on this practice one day by observing people while meditating on love.

"I focused on loving one thing about each person that I saw and was amazed by how much love and compassion this cultivated," Amanda shares. "I loved the bright yellow jacket on the cyclist nearby, that a mother and daughter were holding hands while walking to the bus, the woman who was texting with a smile on her face."

Namaste Yogini Heather explored this challenge while on a very windy, morning walk. 

"I almost didn't go on my walk today, because it is VERY windy and I intensely dislike wind! I had to stop focusing on how the wind was impeding my forward progress, and start imagining the change the wind was trying to affect in me," Heather explains. "I imagined it blowing through me, pushing out all negativity and leaving room for only positive. I could have spent my time outdoors hating the wind, but I chose to fall in love with it. Instead of feeling like I'd done battle with the elements, I allowed myself to be renewed by them."

How can cultivating a romantic perspective change you? We encourage you to explore this concept, and share your observations in the comments below, on ourFacebook Wall, or in aTweet.



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