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The purpose of the Living Namaste blog is to unite our community and help us all in the process of bringing the concepts of yoga into our lives, both on and off the mat. Calm the mind, strengthen the body and inspire the soul every day through practice, focus and awareness. Living Namaste is not always easy, because not everyone chooses to travel this path. Conflicts arise. Our world, our work, our wellness are all met with obstacles along the way. This is the journey, this is the practice, the place where the real work of Living Namaste with truth and devotion bears itself out. We practice the concepts on the mat, and apply the principles to our own realities.

Cultivate a life you love on and off the mat

If you are cultivating a romantic perspective, the exercise becomes loving the life you live. When you seek the romance in every task, moment and person you encounter, you find ways to love all of it. The best way to practice this? Embrace what you don’t love

Try this practice today:

It is easy enough to  love pushing play on your favorite sequence, or getting into your favourite posture. More than likely, that is the sequence you are most comfortable with. But challenge yourself a little: push play on the sequence you struggle most with, or the one you favor least for whatever reason. Practice it, breathe through it and ask 'what is there to love about this?' When you find it, embrace it! Expand on that feeling. Breathe it in and absorb it on your most cellular level.

When you leave the mat, try the practice again: what (or whom) is that nagging little thorn in your life? Challenge your mind and heart to love it instead! Learning to love the very thing you most detest can alter completely your perspective on the world.

If you tried the practice, were you able to change your perspective on that nagging thorn?



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