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Using Challenge Poses to Break Through an Obstacle

Our March newsletter contained an idea: "Pick a Lucky Posture."

A "lucky" posture is something you can use as a source of strength and inspiration. There is no singular posture that all yogis worldwide consider "lucky." What we are suggesting is an expansion of your current practice to include a ritual that helps you gain confidence and energy to break through obstacles in other areas of your life.

Discover the Obstacle 

Warrior III, Namaste Yoga

To find your lucky posture, take some time to meditate on your life. Is there an obstacle you are facing that you haven't been able to break through? Perhaps there is a conversation with a friend or loved one you have been putting off. Think about the reasons why you may be holding back. Is it a fear of hurting that person emotionally, or having your feelings hurt? Maybe it is a work issue that has you feeling insecure, what is keeping you from moving forward? “To help you find the clarity to discover your obstacles, try extending your Namaste Yoga Savasana to ten or fifteen minutes, spend at least a few minutes in a seated meditation posture, and then grab a journal and, without judgment write out what first comes to your mind.”

Explore Your Options

Once you have sized up your obstacle, you want to choose a pose that counters it. Backbends are considered heart-opening poses, any of which would be an ideal lucky posture for counteracting an emotional block!

What if your obstacle has more to do with feeling unfocused or scattered? Perhaps you have a big project you are working on, or an exam looming, and you find it difficult to knuckle down and get to work preparing for it? Choose a balance pose, or even a couple of balance postures, to call your body and mind to steady themselves for the tasks ahead.

Create Your Ritual

Once the obstacle is identified, poses researched and selected, it is time to create the ritual. While the Namaste Yoga sequences are more about connecting a movement with every breath, in this practice, we suggest holding your lucky pose or poses for at least 10 breaths. This will allow you to settle into your posture and absorb the benefits fully.

Another idea is to slow down a Namaste Yoga sequence to this 10 breath pace. For instance, say you are trying to eat more healthfully. Twists are considered detoxifying, so you could get really familiar with the Seated Twist series, holding each pose for at least 10 breaths before moving to the next one.

Use your new ritual to enhance your current practice. This may mean completing your ritual before or after your usual Namaste Yoga routine. You might also replace your regular sequences with this new challenge on occasion if you feel your current habits need a breath of fresh air. Try working your personalized sequence into both your morning and evening processes, to create a 'bookend' feeling to your days.

However you choose to incorporate this idea, we are sure it will create opportunities to expand your practice and work through any obstacles in your path.



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