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The ACTIVE Process of Renewal

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Humans are an industrious species. Even when not physically active, we can be mentally engaged in anything from our work to assessing the merits and intricacies of a great novel or compelling show. To some, not all of these pursuits are valuable. "Lazy" is a word we throw around when we feel a task is unworthy of our time, or the time of another (to whom our opinion likely does not matter). The reality is, our energies are usually engaged in some way nearly all of the time!

Even as we sleep, our energies are engaged. In these precious hours, our energy turns towards renewal of the mind, body and spirit. Even sleep cannot be considered lazy, as you think about skin cells turning over, hair and nails growing... the kidneys and lungs at work cleansing and restoring the system, the brain orchestrating it all as the heart synchronizes the process with it's rhythmic and loyal beat. This is not lazy, it is self-preservation!

There are more ways to gain renewal than sleeping. The pursuit of renewal is important to our longevity and our ability to continue on in our work and personal lives with a consistent level of competency and passion. When you have workedtoo hardfor too long at anything, your focus can be compromised. Your effectiveness is hindered. The end seems unattainable. Even the slightest sign of progress can become hard to find.

Without renewal, the effects of endless pursuits inevitably make themselves apparent in the physical body. We hold tension in the muscles from repetitive motion or postures. Your sleep may be disrupted. Our elements can become out of balance: theKaphafeeling "stuck" and depressed, thePittadetermined to keep pushing until they burn out, andVatafeeling overwhelmed and struggling to stay focused on the task.   

It is interesting to note that, quite often when we take abreakfrom something, we return with fresh energy and perspective. The work is often completed more efficiently and with greater joy than if we had persisted in ceaselessly trudging through. Yet we resist. Why?

Taking time torenewyour energy and reassess your processes is not a sign of weakness! To the contrary, it is a sign of wisdom, patience and flexibility. Plan some renewing moments throughout your day: reward yourself with a quick walk outside as a mid-afternoon break. You will be amazed what the fresh air will do for your mental clarity! Make your glass of water feel special by skewering some fresh fruit to garnish your drink. The colors will perk you up and you will benefit from the extra nourishment in your decoration! Plan to do something just for you on your day off: maybe indulge in a longeryoga sequencethan usual, or channel your creative energy to draw orcolor.

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