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Making Time for Renewal

Namaste Yoga Contest - win a trip to Thailand!

Intentions,goals,romance, andopportunity, all can work together for you in this moment to create a time that you have dedicated to one sole purpose:Renewal. We've brought you one possible renewal scenario: anall expenses-paid trip to Thailand. Now, we'd like to show you how to use all of the qualities we have explored over the past three months to help you with your process through this contest.


No question what theintentionis: win the contest! Only two will be awarded this prize, but all of the participants can come away winners, so long as that is the intention. Prepare to receive the reward of a trip for two to Thailand. Along the way, make space and be flexible enough to be able to provide yourself with a renewal process either in Thailand or another destination of your choice.


Even if that destination is your very own home, do not lose sight of theultimate prize: renewal. No matter where you are, making time in your life for rest, renewal and rejuvenation is key to being able to maintain a positive outlook and energetic approach to life. Your goal is to prepare to renew! Mark out a week on your calendar, just as though you have already been named the winner of this contest. Do whatever you need to do to clear that time for yourself. Make a list of things you will need to feel rested and restored and begin gathering them.


Even if you don't go to Thailand, you are going to win this contest! Use yourromantic perspectiveto help in your renewal preparations. What can you do to make this week as refreshing for you as possible? Be kind to yourself, go the extra-mile to make it really special. You are worth it!


Think of all theobstaclesthat may crop up and hinder your wonderful week. Plan ahead, what can you learn from them? What can you do to soften their effects? How can they work in your favor, so you don't spend your energy fighting against them? Watch for the opportunities as you prepare for your renewal process. Perhaps you will find a great recipe for ahomemade masqueor a beautiful journal to chronicle your thoughts. Collect them and store these treasures to be used during your "get-away."

So prepare as though you have already won our renewal package, then go ahead and create your own while you wait for the official winner to be announced. Where will you go? What will you do? We'd love to hear your plans.



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