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Mini-Renewals: the Pearls that Revive our Lives

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Can you afford to drop your life and leave for a week to renew your body, mind and spirit at ayoga retreat? That's a really big leap for some! Life commitments, school, work, children, home ownership... it is SO easy to find reasons why leaving your regular existence for any extended period of time would be a herculean task!

If you are relating to these ideas, you might want to consider a week-long getaway achallenge pose: something you aspire to do when you are ready. In the meantime, you can practice for that bigger challenge with some smaller "poses" that can help you feel refreshed and restored with only as much time and distance from your world as you are ready to part with.

Spending a week in ayoga retreatoften creates an opportunity to focus on more than yoga alone. With the distractions and time constraints of daily living temporarily removed, it is easier to take more time and care in the choices you make for yourself. With the idea of a yoga retreat in mind, let's create a renewal process approach with three options: Yoga, Healthy Bites and Spa Treats.
There might be some tough choices ahead...

Renewing Yoga

We know that a yoga practice can be restorative. How often do you break that regular practice down and give yourself mini-yoga breaks throughout the day? Are you sitting in achair right now? How good would it feel to get up and move about? We read continually about how mini-breaks to get up and walk to a co-worker's desk instead of phoning, or standing when you are on the phone, are beneficial.

What if you were able to expand on that to include even more mini stretches and poses into your workday? Is there a break room that is often empty?  Try This: Find a quiet space and sit in child's pose for five minutes, focusing only on full, complete breaths. A trip to the restroom could include a few gentle neck rolls as you wash your hands, or even a few moments in a crouch with hands at the Third Eye. Study your environment, and find the opportunities.

Spa-Like Renewals

The great thing about so many spa treatments is that they are made with common household ingredients. This means it is easier than ever to bring the "ahhh" of the spa into your daily routine. Try This: mix a teaspoon of granulated sugar with a teaspoon of honey. Rub gently into lips for a sweet way to slough rough skin away.

Adding a little extra step into your daily routines is another quick way to make them feel more indulgent. Try this: mix up your hair care routine with an easy deep-conditioning treatment. Apply conditioner to damp hair before you shower. Cover with a shower cap or some plastic wrap and warm it up with a hair dryer for a few minutes. Proceed with your regular cleansing routines.

Foodie Renewals

Eating "clean" is a renewal process that we encourage you to repeat multiple times, daily, for your whole life! What better way to restore your body than to carefully choose only the foods that will energize your body with the least waste and excess ingredients? Look at your dietary patterns. What can you improve on? Choose one thing and focus on it daily until it becomes a habit. Enjoy the process. You are likely to gain energy, and your body is sure to thank you.

Try this: for many, getting enough water daily is a struggle. Up the renewal quotient of your water by adding sliced lemons or a skewer of fresh berries. Pour over ice into a special glass (you know those ones you save just for special occasions? Now would be a great time to break one of those out!) You can even findedible flowersand freeze them into ice cubes for a lovely beverage.

Stay Inspired!

Have you seen our"Retreat" boardonPinterest? Be sure to check it for great ideas to help keep bringing renewal to your life.



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