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Too Much Renewal?

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"Retiring is just practicing up to be dead. That doesn't take any practice." ~ Paul Harvey


When thinking of a renewal process. It is easy to connect it with a retiring from life of sorts. The idea can cause a little bit of anxiety. 'What will go unaccomplished while I am sitting around... renewing?' Thoughts of falling behind in work and with our goals can make you never want to take a break! We can be so driven sometimes.

Then, you do. You stop, take a breath, break out of the day to day and take in a sunset, or pause to feel the earth beneath your bare feet. A little slice of your very own heaven, isn't it? If you go there, if you spoil yourself a little, what is it like to make yourself go back? Will you want to return, and what will your attitude be when you get there?

Sounds like a lot of reasons not to pause for any sort of renewal, doesn't it?

Actually, these are exactly the reasons why you absolutely MUST make time for this process! We believe so firmly in this, we've sponsored a contest in order to bestow upon two people the renewalopportunity of a lifetime.

Our time on the mat isexperimentaltime. We observe our reactions when we accomplish a goal, we note our response to a fall. We follow our thought processes, and practice letting go of the reactions that do not serve our purpose, while embracing and expanding those that do. Think of your renewal time as a similar experiment. What feelings come up when you are away from your usual routines? Where does your mind wander when you are relaxed, or are you unable to relax? If you are not able to enjoy your process, you may need to try another type of renewal.

Not Your Mother's Renewal

What works to refresh Sam might drive Sally insane! Your renewal process may not look like anyone else's and that is fine. APittamay prefer a more active renewal process. Rock climbing or running a marathon may be just the right treatment to clear the mind and re-energize their spirits. For aVata, lying on warm sand on a sunny beach may be just the thing to calm both mind and body and restore stability to the senses.Kaphasmay gravitate towards vigorous massage to bring them to a more energetic state.

Remember that a renewal process can take as much or as little time as you would like to devote to it. Sometimes, a hot bath with a great book to read is all we need to feel renewed. Other times, it might take a day, or a week, or even a month of many breaks, woven through and around our regular duties. Regardless of how you choose to give yourself this time, it is important to claim it. Our time in this phase of life is limited. Giving pause to reflect and evaluate our course is critical to ensuring the journey is as beneficial as possible.


Yoga is not a results-oriented process. Renewal shouldn't be either. It's another observational journey. What if you find you are obsessing over a certain thought while you are away? This is the time to explore where those feelings are coming from.

Perhaps you will realize you are in a place you don't want to be in your career or personal life, and begin plotting steps to make a move towards something more suitable. Conversely, you may be reminded of how much you love your present state, and that it is frustrating to be away from it! Believe it or not, even if this is your personal revelation, renewal is still necessary. This is a moment for self-evaluation, explore ideas to find ways to make what you love even more productive and enjoyable, or to simply celebrate where you are at, and chart the course for your next adventure.

Whatever type of renewal you decide on, remember, you are most certainly NOT practicing up to be dead! You are gathering your best self and reclaiming your most productive energy to go forth and live life to the fullest.



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