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Three Steps to (Kindly) Approach Life With Discipline

Namaste Yoga, The Kindness in Discipline

"Do the thing you most dread doing. And do it now."

 With Mother's Day fast approaching, it makes sense to clear daunting tasks from your ledger, so you can freely celebrate the maternal figures that have nurtured your existence! A recentMind Body Greenarticle shares the difficulties that come of procrastination as learned from a 30-something who lost their spouse of only four years. While many would expect the article to be about pursuing your dreams and ambitions because life is too short, it is more about approaching the difficulties in life swiftly and without fear.

In our month-long examination, this article is a rather poignant example of why discipline can be a very caring way to conduct your life. The things we most dread: paying bills, tackling that abomination of a closet, making a dramatic change towards a healthier lifestyle, simply do not get any easier with time. In fact, they are likely to become more difficult, as we contribute our fears and anxieties to their already cumbersome weight.

How do you bring discipline to your life? Withstructure and routine. Here are three steps to assist your process.

Create to-do lists

Do not avoid the difficult things when you write these lists, either! Do not be afraid to overshoot a little. It is a lesson in forgiveness and flexibility to simply move incomplete items into the next day's agenda. Something as simple as a little arrow "" placed in front of the item on your list can be a positive indication of your intent to pursue this first thing the next day. Don't let it linger any longer than that and become that nagging item that never gets crossed off your list. If it was important enough to write down, then it is important enough to tackle at the very next possible moment.

Get in the Habit 

Create ritualsthat are a positive sign of your own progress. Do not neglect yourself in pursuit of your goals! Maintaining healthy practices, even in hectic times, is also discipline. It is the knowledge that you will perform at your peak when you are well cared for. Being disciplined in life does not mean to be so stern that you do not allow yourself happiness. It is to tackle the difficult things in life swiftly, so as to create more room and opportunity for the things you enjoy. The fresh energy generated from a healthy diet and regular yoga practice should be considered preparatory measures to assist your process.

Schedule Rewards

Being a disciplined person does not mean you continually plod through difficult and/or mundane tasks without ever stopping to smell the roses! Celebrate your successes. Allow yourself a bit ofrenewal, even if it is just a pause to take a little walk outside or get some fresh flowers to bring back with you. Stop for a moment after you complete something you were dreading. Give yourself a little praise for having tackled that task! Take a big deep breath and smile. You've done a great job!

Sometimes, the only reward you need is to feel that weight lifted from your shoulders. It is wonderful, isn't it? Why'd we walk around with that for so long in the first place?

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