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Vineyard Vinyasa: Let it Flow and Let. It. Go.

#namasteNewViews vineyard vinyasa
The structure of humanity converges and diverges with our environment in so many ways. Our reciprocal breathing exchange being an obvious connection, but we also share similarities in structure. Look at the core of a nearby plant: it has a stronger center structure, and then branches out into limbs that can bring forth all manner of life and inspiration.

Fortunately for us, there are a wealth of plants that bear sustenance for our species, but few share the aptitude for grace and romance that you can find in a vineyard. If you are so fortunate, download sequences such as Triangle and Crane and take them to a vineyard, where inspiring examples of gentle strength, and notions that there are many things in life that achieve greater beauty and interest with the gifts #namasteNewViews at 21 Brix Wineryof time, age and persistence.

At the peak of ripeness, just before harvest, your senses will be fully immersed in the full-bodied scent of burgeoning grapes, while your eyes feast on generous leaves, spiraling vines and interesting curves from the hardened trunks of mature plants. 21 Brix is a young, innovative winery, but their vineyard began decades ago. Concord grapes at their peak currently await their harvest, and at this time, create an incredibly welcome place for a vineyard vinyasa. The rows are just wide enough for the Sun-Moon Breath Body link to be completed without disturbing the grapes hidden deep beneath a cover of bright green leaves.

Practicing the Triangle sequence amidst a row of vines gives you myriad focal points to steady your balance. With every motion, you notice a different grape, the shades and colors as they are revealed beneath their protective cover of leaves. With each ujayii breath, a new depth to the scent is revealed, so if remembering to breathe is your difficulty, find a place with intrinsic scent to encourage you to complete your cycle of air exchange with fullness and consistency!

Crane Sequence never fails to challenge both balance and patience, and that remains unchanged in the vineyard. But rows of twisting stems and vines encourage you to persist, because there is strength to be found in every weakness, and all the encouragement you need to balance on a new foundation can be found in the grape vine's ability to be trained to towards a wire and grow beyond any expectation we could have for them otherwise. As America remembers their fallen patriots from 12 years ago on this day, our drive to persist is strengthened further.

Society often makes us feel as though age is a detriment, that our abilities are finite, and limited. But a vineyard stands to remind all who choose to take notice that interest and flavor are enhanced with age as is the ability to nurture and inspire. The core becomes solid and strong, the limbs steady, and the fruit ripens with confidence and grace.

Ayurveda tells us grapes are pacifying to the Pitta dosha, and therefore a good choice for all in summer, the season of Pitta! Wine is a little more complex, as it is a tamasic food and must be moderated, it also has fire and air elements that make it a beneficial treat for Kaphas or during the Kapha (spring) season. With this in mind, if your vineyard is complemented by a winery, sipping and appreciating the unique bouquet and flavors of a thoughtful selection can most certainly be considered a fine conclusion to your #namasteNewViews. Cheers!



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Heather Gregory is an avid Namaste yogini and has been practicing the sequences nearly every day for nearly four years. Her favourite part of Namaste is the opportunity it affords to find her calm, collected center and carry that forward through each day. We enlisted Heather to share her #namasteNewViews as she explores the practice with our iTunes downloads, and blog about her experiences. You can contact her at heather@namaste.tv

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