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Diane Wolcott is Living Namaste

This post is part of our Viewer Journeys series, in which we introduce you to a yogi or yogini from our community whose story has inspired us. We feel that sharing their stories will enrich your own journey. In this post, Namaste Yogini, Heather Gregory, interviews Diane Wolcott about her recent Namaste experience.

A yoga practice that feels as though it has grown cumbersome or stagnant can be so disheartening. This is a point in which many people abandon yoga, not because it is no longer needed, but because there is an obstacle that hinders their ability to enjoy and gain enrichment from their time on the mat. Our newest Namaste Yogini, Diane Wolcott, has encountered some of these obstacles, and found her way beyond them.

Residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Diane has been practicing Namaste Yoga since 2007. As she was nearing 50 years of age, her enjoyment of the series inspired her to enhance her healthy lifestyle. "I was determined to be THE BEST 50-year-old that I could be," she proclaims. Her goal pose was cranewhich she did happily attain for awhile.

Diane encNamaste Yoga shares Diane Wolcott's Viewer Journeyountered a hiccup in her practice when the series was taken off the air by its former network in the United States. She considered carefully before purchasing seasons one and two, but decided it was a wise investment. Diane found her yoga became even more enjoyable without commercial interruptions. However, another hindrance to her practice loomed on the horizon.

"After moving from our last place, I found I didn't have as much room in the main living area where the television set is, and I had to move the coffee table out of my way every time I wanted to practice my yoga routine," Diane explains. "This was so inconvenient and a real hassle, so gradually, my practice dwindled to none at all."

Diane also shares that career changes for her husband meant less alone time at home for her. Though his interest in health has meant the addition of a daily walking and weight lifting routine for the couple, his presence became another detour away from her yoga practice. As she has struggled with a major depressive disorder for years, all of these changes sent her into a slump.

Namaste Yoga: Rejuvenate your Practice"Once I got my depression back under control, I longed to feel better, so of course I wanted to start practicing Namaste Yoga again," Diane exclaims. "After I read your post about having SPACE, I knew what I had to do!"

Diane realized there was a storage room in her downstairs that was ideal for creating her very own yoga area. She cleared the room to allow her enough space to move freely, and set up a television and DVD player. A touch of inspiration was added to the walls with some colorful artwork. She learned quickly the room was even more perfect than she first imagined.

"It is cooler down there," Diane shares with great enthusiasm. "Where I live in Georgia, it is very hot in summer! Now I have lots of room to move freely and I can close the door to shut out household distractions."

Diane's refreshed practice has her on a much more vibrant path. "I am 55 years old and feel better than I have in years! I want to age gracefully and keep my shape, balance, strength and flexibility, as well as a healthy attitude!"




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