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Six Ways to Uncover Your Perfect Yoga Space

Photo from Avotakka via Pinterest

When space is at a premium, or your usual yoga space becomes ill suited, it can be easy to let your practice slide to the wayside. With a little thought and creativity, you can discover a new space for yoga, or improve the functionality of your existing space. From simple to simply genius, you may be one brainstorm away from finding your solution! Read on for a few ideas that may inspire.

1. Close the Door!
Sometimes it really is that easy! Is your space too noisy? Are there people walking through the room, under your arms or crawling between your legs mid-asana? Hello, boundaries! Yes, you deserve some time alone and undisturbed in your space. Close the doors, request some peace for about 22 minutes, and see what happens.

2. Create Easy Movers
That fantastic coffee table that is SO useful any other time of the day looks like a giant obstacle to your yoga practice, doesn't it? Make it easier to move with a product like Magic Sliders or if you prefer something that adds a touch of beauty right along with function, perhaps an area rug beneath the piece of furniture you need to move will allow for slicker sliding.

3. Repurpose a Room
What about that odd little space in your hallway or beneath your stairs that you never quite figured out what to do with? Is there a room all filled with stuff you don't seem to use all that much? Imagine that as your new yoga space! It may take some sorting and donating to clear out the space, but think how much lighter you will feel without all of that extra STUFF lurking in your home; and how much lighter still you will feel when you are perfecting your tree pose in that very space!

4. Create Easy Cleanup
If continually reoccurring clutter is the bane of your existence; find quick, attractive ways to clean it up! Canvas bins can be flexible and fold up when not in use, but offer a decorative place to quickly toss toys and other items that litter your floor into so you can have a clear practice space.

5. Ditch the Mat
"I have a durable area rug in my small office," says Namaste Yogini Whitney Subryan. "the rug is designated space I always keep clear. No mat needed, I can practice whenever I am ready."

6. Take it outside
Sometimes the best solution is just to get out of Dodge! Doing so is now as easy as downloading your favorite sequence and taking off for your ideal locale. You never know what ideas might spring to mind with some fresh air and Namaste Yoga, right?


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