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Space: The Element that Contains All

Yoga has a sister science, called Ayurveda. More than a path to health and healing, Ayurveda is truly a study of life in all of its forms, and a quest to understand everything from an elemental vantage point. This allows for obstacles to be dissected and explored from a very basic perspective, and often creates a path to higher understanding.

All things in life are classified as one of five elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Space or Water. The element of Space, which is perhaps the most interesting element of all as it is so often considered to be little more than empty nothingness. So few are the moments when we are aware of the wholeness space provides.

What is Space?

Space is also referred to as ether or gas. Air and Space combine to create the Vata dosha, which is noted for it's variable energy and creativity. The element of Air encourages movement in the Vata, while Space grants freedom for the movement. This means, the direction of energy in the Vata dosha is outward - usually in all directions! This is why an out of balance Vata is so often described as "scattered."

The element of Space is also considered a connective piece. What lies between particles of mass? Space! Without space, there is no movement or room for life and creativity. The chief characteristic of space is sound, which includes the entire spectrum of vibration ­— what we can hear, and what we cannot. Space is the element we intend to balance when we meditate, and hope to encourage throughout a creative process, as it allows room for ideas to form.

If you are feeling scattered, forgetful or "spacey," you need to encourage elements of earth. In yoga, this means a sequence that utilizes seated or prone postures. The Earth and Water breath body links on our Namaste Yoga: The Five Elements in Yoga DVD are perfect for this. Something akin to our Earth sequence in our first series will also serve you well.

To encourage or increase the element of space, a standing practice that involves postures such as Tree are useful, such as the Riding the Wind Sequence. You will also find a breath body link for Space in The Five Elements DVD.


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