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Time for a Clean Sweep! Creating a Personalized Detox Plan

Namaste Yoga DEALs with detoxification

As many yoga blogs or magazines will tell you, fall is a great time to make healthy changes to your routine. Many endorse cleanses or other detoxification processes, meant to "reset" the body and reposition ones entire being on a healthier path. The routines can be rather extreme (try living on lemon water for days!) or seem very fixed (here is your menu for the week, chocked full of ingredients you cannot readily find in your supermarket); but there are ways to reset the mind and body with gentle, gradual processes.

One of the goals of Namaste Yoga is to make yoga feel so good, that you want to do it every day! We see no reason why your diet shouldn't follow the same path. When you know something is right and it makes you feel better, you stick with it. Sometimes, you know you need to break a bad habit, or you are just trying to navigate a holiday (such as Halloween!) that has annually thrown you into a sugar-induced, downward spiral. These moments can be so difficult, but when you apply the principles of balance and forgiveness that you practice on the mat to your mindset, it becomes a little easier to shift towards a healthier you.

It is never easy to give up a habit, regardless of the reason for doing so! The principle of DEALing with challenges lends itself nicely to making these types of changes. Keep reading for a quick outline of the DEAL strategy.


Give yourself the opportunity to examine your challenge closely. Distance equals perspective, so give yourself some space! Obtaining knowledge from the What, Why and How's of your habit can give you the power and ability to let it go.


Embrace the process ahead by acknowledging there will be challenges and obstacles. Start slow. Find a healthy replacement to enjoy. Acknowledge your cravings. Above all, be prepared to fall, knowing you will rise up and begin again.


If you are struggling, take a breath and examine your approach. Perhaps your replacement isn't working. No problem, start exploring other options (what a fun journey that might be!) Disassociate your habit from other activities by switching up your routine. It is OK to change things up to accomplish your goal.


Have faith that the process you have designed is perfect for you. You will learn so much as you take your time and attend to yourself and shift towards a healthier lifestyle. Believe in your practice, stay grounded, and note the lessons in ever step. Enjoy your process and celebrate your path to improved wellness.



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