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The Yin and Yang of Donating

Namaste Yoga: Giving and Receiving Equally

November has arrived and with it, a movement towards more philanthropic intentions. It is time to take stock and give thanks for what we have... which sometimes leads to the realization that we actually have a little too much! Striving to stay grounded and deeply connected to the earth and our personal space drives an urge to keep that space clean and open. Doing so improves energy flow and can quite literally create more space for freer movement, improved yoga, and even greater comfort when welcoming friends into your space.

The fastest way to declutter your space is simply to deposit all unused items in the trash. While this may be efficient, there are more mindful, conscience ways of honoring unwanted goods. You might be surprised to find that even items that appear as waste to you, can be repurposed and used to bring comfort to another being.

Creature Comforts
While that ratty towel or loved-nearly-to death stuffed animal your child has abandoned might be too worn to donate to your usual charity, it may be absolutely perfect for comforting animals at your local shelter.

Tons of Toys?
Recyclebank has some great ideas for donating toys while engaging your kids in the process.

Closet Congestion
There are a multitude of places waiting for your clothing donations, with some specifically geared towards life events such as job searches or even formal wear for school events.

Old Housewares, New Homes
International charities such as Habitat for Humanity will resell your household items in order to help build new homes all around the world.

Bits and Bytes
Electronics comprise a large majority of landfill waste these days, but it's easier than ever to donate these items too.

It's a great feeling to think you have helped another in a way that benefits you too! Giving old items new purpose reduces your footprint on the earth, leaving it in better shape for future generations, and enables you to extend kindness to those in need. Imagine the heightened calm and happiness you will feel when you return to your mat with a lighter load and fuller heart... it might be a great day to practice that challenging balance pose you've been working on.

What's your favorite way to give old items new purpose? We look forward to your inspiring ideas.



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