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How to Break Free of Digital Distractions

Namaste Yoga and the Mobile Free MatDo you find yourself changing your ringtone on your mobile device frequently? Is it because you are bored with the sound, or exhausted by it? Mobile devices are an invaluable way to stay in close and immediate contact with everyone, all of the time! Nonetheless, just like internet servers, humans need to shut down for maintenance and upgrades every once in awhile too.

System Maintenance

The trouble with having access to a continually open channel of connection is remembering how to disconnect, and that it is very good to do that periodically! Giving yourself quality down time allows you to feel grounded in reality again. This is especially true for Vatas, who are particularly sensitive to the energy emitted from electronics, and must be given more attention by all those living through the Vata season as we are currently.

Breaking It Off

How do you let it go... even for a little bit, right? How often do you check Facebook? It may be time to ask what faces you might be missing when you seek that digital connection. Break it off by starting small! Find an engaging activity to partake in (when was the last time you used your Namaste Yoga DVD?), and leave your phone in a different room (with the ringer volume down or off) while you do it. You can check in when you are done. Chances are high you will not have missed a thing!

Your Gift to You: The PRESENT

Again we come back to that great benefit of digital technology: it is ALWAYS available! Once you have that realization, it is easy to let it go and return at a convenient time. Turning it off allows you to be fully available for everything in your immediate surroundings. Tune into your breath, the moment and your thoughts. Do something restorative and engage fully in that act. Yoga or closet cleaning regardless, immerse yourself in the process and you will come away feeling refreshed and ready to return to your usual status... at some point in the near future!



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