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Nine Places to Consider Bringing Yoga

Namaste Yoga: Live the life you loveWhen you realize how much yoga is giving you, it seems natural and logical to want to give that to everyone around you! Many explore the idea of becoming a yoga teacher, but this is not a practical option for all. In this season of giving, there are few gifts that compare to that of health and peace of mind. Keep reading for nine places you might consider introducing to yoga.

1. Nursing Home -  Few are more aware of the gift of time than the elderly and infirm. While we are not suggesting Crane balance, gentle stretches and time spent listening will go a long way towards lifting spirits here.

2. School - Teachers with papers to grade (or simply in need of a bathroom break!) and desk-weary children sometimes benefit from a simple redirection of energy. Try some tree poses (mixed with giggles) and side bending. We're betting focus is improved with even a 5-10 minute yoga break.

3. Your Friends - Most everyone has a handful of friends that think yoga is weird. Perhaps it is time to have a few over for a floor conference. Try some seated twists and folds and see how strange they think it is after that.

4. Work - Who doesn't need a breather at work? Try showing a coworker one of our breath body links (Fire would be perfect to shake up a sluggish afternoon). Ahhhh.....

5. Community Center - Here is a place in constant need of new ideas! What if you simply pop in a yoga DVD and see who decides to follow along?

6. Library - A common place to find regularly scheduled story hours, why not combine with a little yoga for parents and children before settling down to read?

7. Shelter - Often a place where sadness and loss dwells, try sharing a practice that teaches patience and forgiveness, builds confidence and strength? Your caring could be a huge inspiration in another's darkest hour.

8. Your Parents - Aren't they always interested in what you are doing? Perhaps sharing yoga with them will keep them happier and more comfortable in their bodies even longer than was possible before!

9. Holiday Party - 'Tis the season for baking parties, cocktail parties, gift exchanges... why not a yoga party? Nothing to prepare, no risk of hangover, and regifting is actually a compliment!

    Volunteerism can be so restorative! What's your favorite way to share yoga? We'd love to find your ideas in the comments below.

    In case you've missed our November Namaste Newsletter, we are looking for community members to share the story of who introduced them to yoga on our Facebook wall.  The first 50 contributors will receive three copies of our single-episode DVDs to give to others.




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