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Three Loving Gifts That Love You Back

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The holidays can be a joyous time. They can also be a very stressful time, it's really what you make it! With Christmas on our doorsteps, it is easy to feel a note of panic. If you have made a choice to minimize your activities, take the commercialism out of Christmas, you may worry how your loved ones will respond. If they are used to you doing a lot for them, will they be disappointed with less?

Less of everything might be a disappointment for all, but less stuff and more you is quite likely to be a very worthy exchange for all! Physical gifts wear out over time and eventually are discarded or replaced. Memories are cherished for a lifetime by all who are part of their creation. Here are three incredible, priceless gifts that are assured to be as restorative to you as they are treasured by those you choose to bestow them upon.


The most precious commodity anyone seems to have these days. How much of it is stolen by rather mundane things? Give someone special a bit of your time. Help them with a task, surprise them with a visit, have a fun adventure together! What you do will not matter nearly as much as the fact that you chose them to receive a bit of your day.


Distraction can be so hurtful, and yet it is very hard to be mindfully focused on one thing every hour of the day. Especially in those moments when you are trying to accomplish tasks and others would also like your attention. Give them that gift, just for a little while. Set everything aside and attend to whatever it is that special someone wants to share with you. Enjoy the moment, for all moments are fleeting. This one is made to treasure.

Your Best Self

Step away from the wrapping paper, the computer, the mall... whatever it is you think you must do ...just walk away. What you must do, what you truly must do in this season of goodwill and peace, is maintain joy and peace in your own soul. Take a moment for you. Simple things like 'Are you drinking enough water?','Did you remember your vitamins today?', 'Did you ditch your yoga practice for one more round of holiday prep?' will weave you back into this season. It doesn't matter what you carry in to that holiday party, so long as the person carrying it is happy, fresh and ready to celebrate!



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