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Big Things are Made of Small Pieces

Approach daunting ventures with love.
If you look at a challenging pose like Crane, you can be immediately overwhelmed. It looks impossible! Crazy even, but when you look at the steps, they may not seem so hard. When you approach them with patience and love, one little piece at a time... you get there. In the process of approaching a pose, even if the results are not what you intended; you discover things along the way that help you learn and grow. That is what truly makes the effort worthwhile.

The same is true of many other daring ventures. They seem so daunting at first, but when you start looking at the components, you see that they are more approachable. Large tasks can be dissected with a discerning mind, moved through with tolerance and persistence, and result in progress.

Regardless of the end result, progress is still forward motion. It is still positive. As Mother Theresa said, we can do small things with great love.

If you look at the total cost of something, you get sticker shock sometimes. But what do you do when you find out the cost of one small part of something, and it's really affordable? How many times have you thought "I have that!" It's not really all that hard to throw a small donation into the pot for a good cause, such as Special Olympics. We casually toss our change into the Salvation Army buckets, because 35 cents isn't really a big deal, but if you multiply 35 cents by three million, you have $105,000,000!

Bring this idea with you, when next you venture to your yoga mat. Toss a little extra intention into your poses. Energize your hands when they are connected with the ground. Think about your feet and legs as a screw, and try rotating them a little more outwards or inwards and see if that improves your feeling of grounded stability. How do you feel upon concluding this practice?

Sometimes, the smallest gestures are the ones that mean the most. Sometimes, what we need more than time, money or caring, is the feeling that we are not alone, that someone is rallying for you, fighting with you, feeling it too. The truth is, when it comes to giving, the scale doesn't count. The act does, the intention does. If you care enough to give, you care enough. While we cannot assist with every effort, we can each extend our hands in the direction that resonates most strongly, and in that space, we can make a difference. When we unite with others, our efforts are sometimes greater and we create a web of support and friendship that lasts beyond the cause that united us in the first place.

When we lovingly attend to our tasks, when we take on one small little thing to help another... we move mountains.



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