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Ten Favourite ‘Living Namaste’ Posts of 2013

As we step into a New Year, it's good to take a step back, a nice deep breath, and turn our attentions to the high points of the previous year. The goal of our Living Namaste Blog is to help you carry inspiration and serenity from your practice, off the mat and into the rest of your life. We hope that you have enjoyed these posts as much as we have enjoyed creating them. Here's a look back at our most popular posts this year.

10. Digital Downloads

The long wait for Namaste Yoga to go digital culminated in the series becoming available on iTunes this year! We were so dedicated to making this happen, we declared it our challenge pose for 2013.

The art of mini-renewals9.Mini-Renewals

Modern lifestyles often make it difficult to find room in the schedule to revive our flagging energies, but there are ways to sneak little moments of renewal into your life. Have you incorporated any of our little boosts?

8. Active Renewal

Our tendencies to pursue our daily goals and activities inevitably take their toll on the body. Renewal is essential, and a process that also requires energy and activity.

7. Elemental Space

The fall season is considered the season of Vata, which is full of high creativity, and also lots of scattered "spacey" thoughts and behaviors! Watch the blog this month to learn about Ayurveda in Winter, the Kapha season.

6. Spatial Alignment

Houses can fill with clutter and create feelings of chaos, which can really bog down your yoga practice! Ideas for optimizing your space and clearing the way for an improved practice are worth considering, especially as we so often spend January clearing clutter and reorganizing in anticipation of a smooth New Year.

Namaste Yoga on cultivating a romantic perspective

5. Rosy Lenses

There is much to be said for viewing the world with a loving perspective. It is possible to turn something you really aren't fond of, into something that fulfills and renews you.

4. Loving Intent

Your yoga practice craves your love too! Come to the mat, intent on loving every aspect of your time there. Your practice will love you back, you will see.

3. Digital Freedom

Digital downloads allowed us to take Namaste Yoga anywhere we could think of! #namastenewviews was an amazing way to spend the summer, and still allows any practitioner a means to escape and enjoy their practice in the location of their choice.

2. Viewer Inspiration

Isn't it great to read about a fellow community member and how they broke through an obstacle to arrive at a new place in their practice?

Cultivate a life you love, both on and off the mat, with Namaste Yoga

1. Loving Namaste

The art of Namaste is learning to love every facet of your life, even the aspects that are hard to love. Have you embraced anything this year that you shied from previously? Some of the most challenging poses are the mental ones.


Here we are! Ready for a new year. Look back on the past, take the best with you, leave the negatives behind and prepare for a fantastic year ahead! We're honoured (as always) to support your practice. What are you looking forward to in 2014? Be sure to leave us a note in the comments.



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