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The balance of earth and water
The winter season centers around the fact that during this time of year, nature gets very still. Temperatures cool; the earth hardens. The movement of water is slowed and even frozen. The energy around us is solid ­— grounded to the extent of feeling cold and stagnant. These characteristics are what lead us to define the winter season, specifically the late portion of winter, into the early spring, with the Ayurvedic term, Kapha. These heavy external forces call us to bring forth some of our very best natural tendencies, which are also categorized as Kapha. The season calls us to be patient, more loving, more nurturing and more connected; but in our stillness, we are susceptible to the effects of lethargy, depression, excess weight and even illness.

To maintain balance in this season, strive to bring qualities of heat, movement and brightness into your life. This is especially true if you are predominantly Kapha yourself. Pittas and Vatas often enjoy the grounded energy of this season, and are usually better off maintaining more of the regime tailored to their elements. Regardless of your individual dosha, we all are prone to feelings of cold and heaviness, just as the limbs of a tree can get weighed down by cold, heavy snow, so too can we take on this weighted feeling that makes it difficult to move and think at our lightest and brightest! This is Kapha energy, and when the pull is too strong, you simply must shake it up!

If you need a little something to increase your energy, brisk walks, vibrant yoga sequences (Firefan and Firebird are great ones!), and active meditation will get your blood moving and senses stirring. Stimulating conversations, energizing colors and scents brighten the mind. Warm drinks and foods with spicy, pronounced flavors, crisp textures and bright colors nourish the body with radiance from the inside, out!

In this season of stillness, we are prone to clinging to thoughts, patterns, ideas and habits that aren't necessarily healthy. Note your tendencies, and turn your intentions towards releasing those things that do not serve your highest purposes. Seek out that which brightens your day, makes you smile and laugh! Keep your heart light, mind open and energy bright!



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