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Yoga Finance: Uniting Mind, Body... and Wallet?

Namaste connects yoga and money

Do the words "Yoga" and "Money" seem an unlikely pair? You may be surprised to find out your yoga practice can have a significant impact on your fiscal strategies. In fact, there is more evidence to support a connection between yoga and finance than meets the eye.

The word "Yoga" itself means "yoke," or "to unite." It becomes logical to reason that this idea of unity is meant to span more than body with breath, but also our thoughts, principles and actions in daily living. In this age of consumerism, we are barraged continually with promotions aimed at spurring us to spend! The practice of mindful awareness and maintaining focus on our intentions can become as challenging as mastering a new posture.

Yoga encourages us to be fully present in each moment, without mourning the past nor anxiously awaiting the future. When it comes to money, regretting past actions will not change them, and spending money not yet acquired is another form of leaving the present moment... banking on a future that has not yet arrived. Being present in this moment means being aware of where you are and what you have. It also means cultivating gratitude for the resources you do have available and allocating them to their fullest advantage, while planning and practicing to attain those "challenge poses" we all hope to one day accomplish.

Just as consistent daily practice of yoga builds strength and flexibility, a steady attention on our fiscal position allows us to build a stronger world, and the flexibility to find our way around obstacles as they arise. Here are three ways to approach any financial situation as you would a new yoga posture:

Tune in to the breath

Are you feeling rushed? Excited? Nervous? Slow down. Take a moment, calm your breath, and assess the situation.

Check your alignment

The best way to approach any new posture is to make sure your body begins in its most correct alignment: feet squarely placed and the body stable and balanced. When approaching any new money situation, ask yourself if you are in the right place to move into this new position. You may find it is not in line with your ultimate path, in which case you would move on.

Approach with care

If it seems right and fits your ultimate plan, ensure you have completed all of the steps needed to arrive in this new place healthy and whole. If the "posture" is too advanced, look for a way to modify, so you are still making forward progress.

Lastly, remember that yogis practice authenticity. Cultivating a sound financial strategy does not mean becoming someone you do not recognize! What it does mean is a commitment to staying true to your purpose in life, and letting go of excess actions that might ultimately throw you off your path.



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