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Yoga inspires Valentine's Day Romance

Isn't it interesting that our appointed day to celebrate love is scheduled for one of the coldest, most wintry months of the year? On the surface, this seems contradictory. If you tune in with a Hatha perspective, this balance in oppositional forces is exceptionally well placed! Ayurvedically speaking, the timing is perfect. As we mark the beginning of the Kapha season, we note that our loving, nurturing energies take center stage. What better way to encourage a resurgence of latent energy than expressing affection for our loved ones?

If you are in the process of planning your Valentine's Day, consider incorporating a few yoga-inspired touches to add a dash of healthy connection to your romantic intentions.

Couples yoga

Valentine's Day is about sharing, right? Why not make space for your partner on your yoga mat, and share a practice? You could choose yoga designed for couples, or simply partake in a sequence that features lots of heart-opening poses.

Romantic Meal

If a romantic meal at home is on your agenda, consider upping the health quota of some of your loved one's favorite dishes. Try incorporating new spices, or simply add a little more of a tried-and-true classic, to shake things up a little. A theme of heart-shaped foods goes well with any table setting, and sends a message that you've enjoyed preparing this meal for your special someone.

Oil massage

Massage is known for its ability to calm the mind and relax the body. How often do we take the time to care for ourselves, or each other, in this gentle way? Touch is a natural unifier of body and mind; massage increases circulation and general awareness. Try warming an Ayurvedic oil and devote some time and attention to connecting with someone you love in this way.  

Every January, we celebrate the turning of the calendar to a new year with renewed commitment to better ourselves. Perhaps in February, we should resolve to carry the loving intentions of Valentine's Day forward throughout the rest of our year. In this moment, we can choose to expand our ability to be more kind, more gentle and more open with ourselves and those we love.



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