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Bring Nature Home With an Indoor Garden

Bring spring energy to your home with an indoor garden. Namaste

With cold winter temperatures dragging on for much of the continent, it is easy to grow impatient with the arrival of spring! While conditions may not yet be ideal for taking your practice outside, you really don't have to wait for outdoor conditions to improve before enjoying the feeling of renewal young buds and green sprouts bring. If you haven't already, consider starting an indoor garden, or simply incorporating a few houseplants into your living space.

There are many benefits to gardening. "Ecotherapy," as it is known in some circles, is said to impart many of the same healthy benefits as a consistent yoga practice. If you already love the grounding calm you find on your yoga mat, imagine what it is like to carry that energy into time spent tending some of earth's must nutritive and restorative foliage. It is known that homes containing live plants experience better air quality, but new studies suggest indoor plants can also improve memory and concentration.
It is possible for indoor gardens to produce foods that are of higher nutritive quality than anything you can find in a store. What could be easier and more satisfying than clipping greens grown on your own windowsill for an evening salad or morning smoothie? Truly the ultimate "fast food," but less expensive, fresher and (since you didn't drive anywhere to get them) fuel-efficient too!
Beginning gardeners, take heart. There are many easy plants to grow indoors, as well as online resources to help you get started. Even if snow is still swirling outside your window, you can invite springtime energy into your home. Has there ever been a better time for a Zen garden?



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