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Yoga to Balance Kapha

Namaste Yoga's The Five Elements in Yoga features a Kapha-balancing sequence

A balanced Kapha is a warm, loving, nurturing and grounded force of nature. Their relaxed, easy personalities and loving approach to life make them a joy to be around. People who physically display a larger body type with bigger bones and a more rounded appearance are likely to be quite high in the Kapha element.

When an imbalance in the Kapha dosha occurs, those same "salt of the earth" friends that can be so reliable and steady can become dull, lethargic, depressed... essentially "stuck" in an overload of their own energy. Kaphas become imbalanced with too much sleep and too little exercise. Excesses of cold, sweet or oily foods, cold, wet weather and isolation from family and community can throw a Kapha out of balance.

To keep a Kapha's energy from getting stuck, choose sequences that build heat and practice directing energy and intention upward. Choose a vigorous practice with a faster pace, like our Firebird practice or the extended-length Fire Fan sequence that is featured on Namaste Yoga's "The Five Elements in Yoga" DVD. Make sure your yoga space is warm. Pay careful attention to your breath throughout the practice, keeping it strong and steady. Focus on lifting the chest, and maintaining an upward focus. Stay connected to your work by challenging yourself to lift higher, fine tune your alignment and engage fully in every posture.

Activity is key for keeping a Kapha in balance. Anything invigorating and challenging is just right! Some ideas might be brisk walking, hiking or biking, a Zumba class or just a night out dancing. Be sure to bring friends or family along to maintain that feeling of connection Kaphas thrive on.



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