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Three Ways to Make the Most of "Spring Fever"

As temperatures begin to moderate at long last, people can start to feel really stir crazy! The cold winter months lead most of us to spend the majority of our time indoors. With its record-breaking low temperatures, this winter has seemed particularly long, and its grasp on our world incredibly tight. We feel the release coming, and we yearn for it to come faster! Our energy has been frozen, and now it is breaking free in a rush. This can lead to lots of great accomplishments, and also some dangerous behaviors.

The release from cautious winter driving can make speeding all too easy! It just feels so great to go fast. How about shopping? Perhaps you don't get out much in the winter, and now that the sun is shining and the temperatures are warming up, you are inspired to buy all sorts of new things! How is your focus at work? Does any of this sound familiar? The burst of energy is certainly not a bad thing! How we direct it really does matter though. It is important to remain mindful, even through these times of seasonal transition.

Ways to transition well

One of the most useful keys to making a smooth transition from one season to the next is to remain steadfast in our healthy habits. Strive to not only keep to them, but be even more conscientious in their execution. This simple mindset will help you experience the seasonal transition from a grounded place, and keep you calm, focused and productive.

Challenge yourself with yoga

Your yoga practice will always help, and spring is no exception! Think about adding some challenging poses to your practice. Try them shortly after you've warmed up, and be sure to bring yourself back to the ground for some calming energy before you conclude your practice.

Channel your energy creatively

There are other fantastic ways spring inspires us. How many of you are spring cleaning? Is gardening your passion? Are you starting seeds indoors? The springtime energy release really can inspire us to build, create and prepare for the warmth and beauty of spring and summer! Go for it!

Tend your muscles

No need to rein this in, but do remember to keep hardworking muscles soft and well-tended. After months of reduced activity, the back can be more prone to strain. Remember to tend it kindly, incorporating core-strengthening poses to support your efforts. Twists will help stretch and release the work you have already accomplished. What is your favourite sequence for channeling "Spring Fever?"




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