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The Urge to Splurge: Indulge or Supress?

Use discipline to create balance

Are you planning for warm weather and fun in the sun? Sales for clothes, outdoor supplies, trips, shoes, accessories and organizational supplies often appear as quickly and with as much bounty as leaves on trees this time of year. It is easy to abandon your intentions to spend wisely and save in favor of indulging your urge to shop 'til you drop!

While surpressing energy can be detrimental, it is wise to consider your purchases with care. How many of the things you want, do you really need? In what ways will your expenditures today impact your future plans?

Your yoga practice can influence your spending

Challenges you have faced on your yoga mat can bring a healthy mentality to your spending practices too. Think of how you have attempted a difficult posture in the past. How often do you attain it immediately? More likely, you approached it in steps: laying a foundation with a posture you were already comfortable in, and building on that pose with postures that eventually brought you to your original goal.

Get creative with saving

If you have a project you are saving for, perhaps now is the time to make an additional investment. Look for little ways to splurge if a larger expenditure will set you back. It is amazing what you can do with very few resources. If now truly isn't the best time to spend, then cleaning and clearing space might be a good way to channel your energy. Instead of gathering more, what if you streamlined and lightened your load? Think about repurposing clothes and items that do not work for you currently.

Springtime energy can be so productive when we choose to channel it for our intentions and goals. Be creative, stay mindful, and have fun!



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